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Well, I thought this guy looked familiar.   Taylor might actually be a Doobie Brother son.

Overall it was a blah show last night with the girls.  Then again that might be because I watched it on a 13 inch TV instead of a 53 inch.  Clearly all had got the hair and makeup treatment.  Maybe the guys will get the same treatment tonight...but they'll need some dental work and a fashion advisor.

Best performance--Mandisa and Melissa
Worst performance--Kinnick
Breakout performance--Katherine
Blah performance--Lisa, Ayla, Paris
Hot factor--Kellie and Katherine
Best navel --Melissa
Jessica Simpson award--Kellie
Leading female AI--Mandisa
My dark horse AI--Melissa
Gets the boot this week--Kinnick, Ayla

March 8, 2006 in Television | Permalink


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