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If You Could Rejuvenate Three Parts Of Your Body, what parts would you pick? (link from Instapundit.com).  Essentially the question is what parts of your body do you want to make young again. Try answering it first before you read the article so you can be truly objective and honest.

As I approach the ripe old age of sixty I think that's a great question.  Basically it comes down to cosmetic or functional for me.  I think women might lean toward the cosmetic route while men would tend toward the functional. 

As for me my first choice  would be to rejuvenate my brain and all things associated with it's highest level of operation.  That would include ensuring blood flow since it's critical to brain operation.  So I guess I have to make cardiovascular rejuvenation (similar to the FuturePundit's') my second choice.  Given what I know about Alzheimer's Disease and similar ailments that are age-related, those two are by far my first two choices.  My logic is it really doesn't matter much what else you do to rejuvenate yourself if you're not aware of what's going on.  If I fear anything about old age it would be the loss of brain function to any degree.  Just think about it.  The brain drives everything in the body.  It's extremely powerful and the loss of even a small part of it can be devastating physically as well as mentally.

My third choice would be to rejuvenate my muscular and skeletal system.  I want to keep moving athletically and not be restricted physically by my aging as so often happens.  I'll never be a good patient because I can't stand sitting or lying in bed due to sickness.  I have this need to move.  I'm not necessarily saying I want to be athletic at age eighty but I want to be reasonably mobile and at least a little agile.

I think the author makes a good point for rejuvenation of his immune system.  I would certainly put that fourth on my priority list but the fact is that we have to die sometime of something.  I would simply rather max out my brainpower and physical abilities first and take my chances with disease.  But that's me. 

So what's your choices?  I would be especially interested to hear from Alecto, RidgeWalker, Alois, The Professor and Big Sister. 

May 29, 2008 in Life | Permalink


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Lewis, I've given this a little thought.

I'm almost 52 myself, so not exactly a spring chicken (although I do like to think of myself that way, heh heh).

Here's my list:

1) My back. Having spent much of 2000 as a cripple due to a series of back injuries (and by "cripple" I mean "in a wheelchair, unable to walk"), I know full well what it's like to suddenly have something big go south on you and completely turn your life upside down. If it wasn't for some incredible luck getting scheduled to see one of the best spine surgeons in the country--and having the subsequent operation being an astonishing success--I can't imagine what would have happened to me. I'm back to normal now, although I will forever be restricted to lifting no more than 50 lbs and having to keep in mind that my back is partially made of artificial parts.

2) My ears. I had an accident involving a bike tire as a kid that finished off most of the hearing in my right ear, and playing for years in rock bands (stupid, yeah, I know) took care of a lot of the rest. I can't hear worth a damn anymore. (Ask my wife.)

3) My eyes. They get predictably and dependably worse every year. I don't think I'm going blind or anything, but I can't see too well without glasses.

So there you have it. Minor complaints for the most part. In the ways that really matter, I'm fine--and that's a blessing.

Posted by: Pete (Alois) at May 29, 2008 7:50:02 PM

ok, this is easy right now.

First my knees. I would really like to have the knees I had at 14 or 20 or even 30 although they were on their way out at 34. These knees I had when I could run 10 miles on pavement like it was nothing and run on the beach and never have my hips go out and run a cross country course through the woods and cross rough terrain like I had wings. I miss running very, very much and if I do too much more of it, I'll shoot what little kneeage I have left.

The second is my abdominal and lower back muscles, can I count that as one set please? They don't look bad but they aren't as strong as they were and I have to wear a brace sometimes to do heavy lifting. I am inclined to move, lift and carry things that I shouldn't because I am implusive and won't wait for someone to help or do it for me.

The third is my neck. I am ok with my face getting old and my legs and ass not looking like I'm 20, because I'm not. I like my crows feet and the deeper lines that will be on either side of my mouth in a few years. But my neck, for some reason it just breaks my heart and there's not a thing to be done about it, the vanity or the sagging.

Posted by: Alecto at May 30, 2008 3:53:10 PM

Well Lewis, this is just the sort of question I like to ponder and so I will. It's deserving of more than quick reply on your blog here so I'm going to plan on addressing it on my blog tomorrow. Oh, and thank you for tagging me with this.

Posted by: Ridge Walker at May 30, 2008 4:40:13 PM

That was a very interesting question to ponder. Having studied the body most of my life, it is my opinion that it is a design no less than miraculous. And it was probably meant to last forever considering the designer. But we humans, as always, seem to mess up the plan and void the warranty. In this case, we disuse and abuse it and part of the miracle of the body is that it bounces back so well and for so long.
I agree with you that the brain runs the whole show. It is the computer of the body. Therefore, I would like keep updating all the drivers and software possible on that part.
Next would be the big protection factor...the immune system. Since all the systems of the body work together so intricately, one weakened system makes the other systems have to take up the slack and they can get overworked, so I would like all of them to be strong and pulling their own weight so to speak.
Then my third choice would be my eyes. I have seen what loss of vision does to Aunt Flo and even the little bit of presbyopia I have now gives me just a tiny inkling of how life would be with impaired or no vision. Quite an impact not to mention missing all the beauty of this earth.
Thanks for the question. It stimulated the brain cells (a very good thing) and my heart rate and pulse increased favorably as I typed the answer. And I communicated with my dear brother which boosted my immune system.

Posted by: Big Sista at Jun 2, 2008 12:10:18 PM

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