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SHERIFF BULLARD: "Don't ever do nothin' like this again. Don't come back up here. I'd kinda like to see this town die peaceful."

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Oh, yeah, like I really needed to read this.

Handy for travelers and stay-at-homes both:  Weather Forecaster.

I'm flying to Boston next week.  Why do I always find stuff like  this right before I'm traveling?

I find this a little hard to believe.  I figure the only way somebody in Uganda can be that rich is drugs or corruption.  And BTW, put a military hat on that dude and he looks exactly like a young Idi Amin.

News of the Weird:  Kerosene-soaked man dies after lighting up in Japanese police station.

More NOTW:  From Nickelodeon merchandising has come a Spongebob Squarepants Musical Rectal Thermometer (which plays the Spongebob theme that the designer apparently imagines makes the temperature-taking process less unpleasant). [CartoonBrew.com, 2-19-08] 

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