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It's been awhile but I am back...

1.  How can someone immigrate to this country, become the best at his profession, change his profession and become extremely successful again as well as famous, change again and be elected to the highest office in his state and then make a decision to screw his housekeeper without the benefit of birth control?  Human beings continue to amaze me.

2.  It used to be that teenagers and seniors were the worst drivers on the road.  Now it's anyone driving and talking on the cellphone.  I'm guessing that an auto body shop is a good business to own these days.

3.  Here's what I will do when I become King.  There will be no political talking heads allowed on TV--no Beck, no O'Reilly, no O'Donnell, etc and there will be no reality shows.  OK, I will lighten it up a bit.  There can be all of the above but only from midnight to 6am.  It's nice to be King.

4.  Of all the problems that we have in this country, I really don't understand why we are wasting time and money investigating doping by professional bikers.  I simply do not care whether Lance Armstrong was doping or not.  I can understand why it means something to the sport but why does it require federal resources?

5.  I have this picture in my mind of Ayman al-Zawahri sitting cross-legged on a rug somewhere in Pakistan, Afghanistan or Yemen.  He's talking with a comrade and suddenly stops mid-sentence and whispers "what was that noise?"  Rest comfortable Ayman.

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Lewis! You have been missed! Welcome back!

Posted by: Katherine at May 24, 2011 12:54:53 PM

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