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I haven't posted about Bin Laden's death because I think it's a milestone for this country and that caused me to reflect upon it for awhile.

I certainly don't think it means an end to terrorism but I think his death will certainly hasten its demise.  I think the democratic movements we have already seen in the Middle East were already doing that.

I do believe justice was served.  As simply as I can say it "if you live by the sword, you die by the sword".

I was elated at the news but I did not have feelings of joy.  Instead I felt relief that another madman has been stopped from killing innocent people unjustly.  Yes I most definitely believe that such things have to be done for the good of civilized people.

I am not in favor of the photos being released.  I see no point in it and I agree with President Obama that it would appear to be gloating and might even serve as a rallying point for terrorists.  In addition I think it would be barbaric and inhuman.  I would hope that we are not that type of people.

I think Bin Laden and his actions have hurt the Muslim faith so much that it may never recover.  That's a terrible thing for Muslims because I don't believe he and his movement was representative of the majority of Muslims. However I continue to be troubled that people of that faith don't express that view more.

I am dumbfounded at the reactions of some people and organizations that raise the issue of whether Bin Laden was armed are not at that time of his death.  That is simply a non-issue to me and I am relieved that he was killed as opposed to being captured.

I am saddened by some of the joyous reactions to his death that I have seen.  I distinctly remember having that same feeling when the Palestinians did the same on 9-11.

I continue to be troubled by the extreme interrogation techniques that occurred and that apparently led to Bin Laden's demise.  But I am less troubled about it than I was before because of what it led to.

I believe that Obama's decision was indeed gutsy and I think it was the defining moment in his Presidency and it will remain that even after he has left office.

Finally and most importantly I am extremely proud of our military and I am not just speaking of the Navy Seals who carried out the mission. The Seals are incredible and I cannot fathom the bravery of those guys that do what they do.  They are the best that America has to offer.

But there were literally hundreds of others involved from the Generals and Admirals to the photo analysis technicians, the helicopter mechanics, etc.  They are all always under appreciated and they never get enough credit for what they do.  Just imagine if the mission in Pakistan had failed.  The media would not only be painting Obama and his administration as incompetent boobs but also the military itself.  The United States military is simply the best.  Their spirit and actions embody what this country was founded upon.  God bless them all. 

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