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1.  I am not the least bit surprised at the $16 muffin news out of D.C.  That is what happens when there is no competition to be reckoned with and no incentive about providing customers a quality product at an competitive price.  Pure and simple, our government has no profit motive and therefore very little interest, if any in cost control.

2.  I am now convinced that we must enact some kind of incentive or penalty to corporations that shut down factories here and outsource to another country.  I don't really like doing that as I think it goes against the free market principle but we have lost so many manufacturing jobs that we have to do something or we won't have any products being made in this country.  We're becoming a nation of baristas.  CEOs are driven by the bottom line; and they should be or else the stockholders will demand a new CEO.  Therefore we need to make outsourcing so costly that the decision is to keep the jobs here in this country.

3.  I don't think it is any coincidence that the two American hikers were released at the same time Iran's crazy Ahmadinejad is in New York City.  The Iranians are not known for being subtle.

4.  It struck me that the former marine from Kentucky who received the Medal of Honor was a throwback to what used to exist in this country.  He is obviously strong and humble and did the right thing when action was called for.  We literally had millions like him in World War II.  Now they are such an exception that they stand out.

5.  I'm a Netflix customer or I was one for both DVDs by mail and streaming.  But I'm going to drop the DVDs and go strictly with the streaming. I was fine to get both for the same price but not with the new pricing.  I'm not mad at Netflix.  It was good while it lasted but now that it's over I can see DVDs going the way of LP recordings and CDs.  Somewhere along the line I think everything is going to be streamed or something similar and we'll look back at quaint old days of DVDs.  It's just the way things work.

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#2 - We are on the same page here. If for no other reason, it is important to our national defense that we have a strong manufacturing base in the US.

Posted by: Jerry Critter at Sep 22, 2011 4:31:10 PM

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