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1.  I caught Obama's 60 Minutes interview Sunday night. Steve Kroft had some great questions and Obama, ever the politician and orator, handled those questions very well.  But it struck me that everytime I see him in an interview like this, one in which he can take his time to answer thoughtfully and not be rushed, he seems like a professor addressing student questions.  He almost appears condescending, as if someone who asks such questions needs to be educated to be able to understand the issues the way he does.  I'm thinking that does not bode well for the President in an election year.  Having said that, unless the Republicans run a Washington outsider against him (Romney?), I think he wins.

2.  I can't find a lot of fault with the USPS from the customer service side of late.  They get the mail moved timely and they have remedied some of their service problems by making stamps available in many ways and places.  I like the USPS.  If they're going bankrupt I don't think it's because of that side of the business which means the problem is on the cost side and they appear to be trying to address that.  The trick is maintaining service while they do that.  Not easy but possible.  Start with Saturday deliveries.

3.  My home town has become fond of traffic circles or roundabouts as the Northerners call them.  There has been several constructed in the last year.  It amazes me at the drivers who cannot deal with them. I've seen everything since they were installed, including people going the wrong way in the circle.  I think some of the problems are due to drivers talking on their cellphones because I have actually seen that problem but beyond that I don't understand why drivers have trouble navigating them.

4.  There are a lot of problems that could be reduced or even eliminated in this country if men would be responsible husbands and fathers and respect women, especially their wives and girlfriends.   

5.  I had never read this guy before last week and now he is one of my favorite columnists.  Here is a great read about him and it's how I found out about him.

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Circles are evil. They look so cool. Oh isn't this fun. Oh we're so trendy. A bit too much traffic and everything grinds to a halt, and accidents increase. I will always remember the Somerville circle in NJ. It was a right of passage for teenagers. If you could navigate that circle with traffic you were a man.

Posted by: Ridge Walker at Dec 13, 2011 7:10:33 PM

Good to hear from you RW. Hope you and yours are well.

Posted by: Lewis at Dec 14, 2011 8:25:49 AM

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