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1.  I'm an old fart and I know that I don't understand a lot of things these days.  But even an old fart understands that Herman Cain must be an idiot.  If you are going to run for a national office these days you better be ready for those skeletons in your closet to come out because they will.  A 13 year friendship with a lady that isn't your wife and you haven't told her about it?  And you gave that friend money? Come on,man.

2.  What a pitiful collection of candidates the Republicans have come up with to run against Obama. Obama now has an approval rating that is very weak from a historical perspective and the Republicans seem to be favoring Newt Gingrich?  Reminds me of when the Democrats decided to run John Kerry against George W in 2004.  Bush was ripe for not being reelected and the Democrats put an unelectable Kerry against him.  Same thing seems to be going on with the Republicans now.  My thought is that Romney has the best shot against him but even that will be tough.  That's the state of our nation: weak economy, weak President and even weaker candidates.

3.  I actually ventured out on Black Friday and even went to Wally World.  It wasn't by choice.  I had to pick up something. And I learned something.  Those people working on Black Friday are heroes.  I couldn't do what they do and to stay composed and polite.  Even more important they're working instead of being with their families.  If you're reading this and one of those people, you are a hero.  End of story.

4.  I miss the old days when you could tell a female in the office that she looked nice that without getting arrested.

5.  Here is the latest sign the apocalypse is near.

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