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1.  I think we have gone beyond the Information Age.  We're well into the Too Much Information Age.  I realized this when so many news organizations begin reporting Mel Gibson's rants as news.  I blame it on Ted Turner.  We do not need 24 hours of news.  It just causes the news organizations to report totally unimportant things.  I'd like to go back and just have the network nightly newscasts.

2.  I think President Obama is not going to be re-elected.  He is proving himself to be a great politician that can't execute or manage his administration. 

3.  I think there are three huge problems this country must fix before we can return to being a great country.  One is that Congress is broken.  Don't believe it?  Then your are in the minority.  Currently it's all about partisanship--if the Republicans are against the Democrats are for it and vice versa.  That's got to stop.  The second thing is that we must reduce government spending to the degree that it at least approaches income.  Government spending is more dangerous to us than any terrorism threat is at this time.  The third thing is that we have become a selfish nation.  Our society glorifies individual wealth.  Just look at what CEOs make compared to their workers or professional ballplayers compared to teachers.  We need to get back to working hard for wealth instead of acquiring it at others' expense.

4.  And speaking of selfish, I have no problem with government spending my tax money to help the unemployed, poor or disadvantaged.  I do have a problem with the government doing so without some sort of accountability for those recipients.  What's wrong with requiring recipients to do something that helps themselves as a condition of receiving government help?  Nothing.

5.  Women are at their most beautiful at age 31?  Not in my book.  I've always preferred older women even as a young man.  I think women are most beautiful in their forties. 

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1.  Call me a cynic but I can't think of a single benefit gained from having the CEO of BP testifying in Congress today.  Except for Congress trying to grandstand for themselves.  They wouldn't be that shallow, would they?  But here's a question that should be asked but won't be:  Mr. Hayward, what was the size of your budget for drilling technology versus your ocean clean-up technology budget over the last ten years?

2.  And it doesn't make any sense to me to allow a 16 year old to sail around the world alone either.  If it can be proved the parents did it for a reality TV show as rumored, they should go to jail.  I don't care whether she made it or not.  She's too young to be doing it.

3.  I know it's the most popular sport in the world but I think soccer is BORING.  Yes, the players are talented and skillful at what they do.  It's still boring.

4.  As smart as President Obama is, I don't think he understands that solving problems means more than just talking about them.  However I think he would make a great teacher.  I just don't think he understands that being an executive requires you to analyze, plan, organize, execute and control.  If he did he would have fired all his aides who continue to allow him to do what he does and does not do. 

5. I've finally figured out who to blame for Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews, Nancy Grace and all the other blow hard news talking heads.  It's Ted Turner.  He started all of this when he began CNN and 24 hour news.  Inbreeding brought us the names above because they have to fill 24/7.  I used to like Ted Turner but now I think he should be sentenced to listening to cable news every day for the rest of his life.   

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Since you asked:

1.  I'm getting less and less satisfied with President Obama's job performance.  Based on the polls I think I'm not alone.  I think he remains in campaign mode i.e., he thinks talking about an issue is all he needs to do.  I believe he thinks every issue is addressed when he makes a big speech about it.  I just don't see enough action items from the man.  Taking action on health care is about all I've seen him do and in truth nothing yet has happened there.

2.  Am I the only one that thinks the whole airport security deal is a huge mess?  Every few months we have an incident and we "strengthen" the security.  I think the solution is what the Israelis do with El Al.  Yes, it's a pain and Americans are too impatient.  But I think it's what we need to go to.  I don't recall hearing even one incident in Israel like we seem to have every few months.

3.  I can't believe the number of runners and joggers I see at dawn or dusk.  I'm totally shocked that we don't have a lot of instances in which they're hit by a car.  If you're one of them, here's a recommendation.  Don't wear dark clothes.  Do wear something reflective besides your shoes.

4.  I heard on the radio today that Tennessee's unemployment rate is 10.9% and that is over the national average of 10%.  My year in economics in college was based on Paul Samuelson's now famous textbook.  I don't think he envisioned high rates of unemployment like that.  I don't see how anyone, expert or not, can say we have an improving economy with those numbers.  Those numbers just seem extraordinarily high.

5.  Speaking of hard times, I watched the remake of 3:10 to Yuma last night.  I seem to revert to Western movies when I'm looking to recharge the batteries.  Last week drained them nearly dry.  And it worked for me.  The movie isn't equal to the best Western I've ever seen (Unforgiven) but it ain't bad.  Russell Crowe plays the bad guy Ben Wade.  As with most westerns, he's the central character and Crowe handles that superbly.  Christian Bale is his good guy counterpart and I found him considerably less convincing.  But he does a passable job.  Crowe does a good enough job that I even found myself rooting for him to some degree.  His performance alone made it a western worth watching.  That's not an easy thing these days.  I give it a B+ and recommended.

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A jumble of thoughts today:

1.  I think my computer gremlins are acting up again.  I can't compose in Typepad using Firefox on my home computer and my work computer is mysteriously freezing periodically when I'm using Firefox.  Clearly Bill Gates is behind this.  I shouldn't have made that comment.  If you're listening Bill, I love Windows 7.  Really I do.

2.  I don't believe any Al-Qaida terrorists read this blog so I think it's safe to say this.  After recently spending three days without electrical power, I'm certain that's the single biggest way the terrorists can hurt this country the most.  From what I know about our electrical grid, it's both fragile and interconnected.  Add our high expectations as Americans that things like that should work consistently and you're got a real mess if they hit us there.  Our dependence on electricity is intertwined with oil but I think it's significantly more dependent on electricity.  Basically nothing works without it.

3.  As much discomfort that the loss of electricity caused, the sights and sound of an eight inch snow was spectacular.  There may be a no more beautiful scene in East Tennessee than when we're buried in snow.  The snow's reflection of the moon makes the night more like dusk or dawn.  And the sound of silence adds an eerie, but complementary feel to things.  Somehow it all works and I was reminded once again that there's a higher being in charge.

4.  I've been an American Express card user for a long time.  Last month my bank delivered my electronic payment to them one day late.  It happened over the Christmas holidays.  AMEX hit me with a $39 late fee and a $15 finance charge.  I pay my bill in full every month.  I called them up and told them take those charges off or cancel the card.  They responded by saying they would give me a $10 credit.  I responded by telling them to cancel my card.  Times must really be tough in AMEX's world if they need that money that bad.  I guarantee I'll be getting credit card offers from them in the mail for the next ten years.

5.  I received the blu-ray version of No Country for Old Men for Christmas.  It has extras like interviews with the Coens and the stars.  I watched the movie again and I'm still transfixed by it.  I'm even more impressed by it every time I see it.  And I now believe the casting was critical.  I simply cannot see anyone other than Tommy Lee Jones as Ed Tom.  But he's just the best one.  All of them are exact for their character. 

Do you remember the dialog Ed Bell has with retired sheriff Ellis (Barry Corbin, also an exact casting) near the end of the movie?  Ellis says "Whatcha got ain't nothing new. This country's hard on people, you can't stop what's coming, it ain't all waiting on you. That's vanity."  Perfect.   

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1.  I saw this online and realized that I don't watch a single one of those shows.  I guess that means none of those characters are annoying to me.  But I can tell you who is annoying to me.  Nancy Grace, Bill O'Reilly, Keith Oldbermann, Rachel Maddox, Bill Maher, and every talking head that is or has ever been on their programs.

2.  I just don't get Tiger Woods.  If there's something he needs to take an "indefinite break" from, it sure isn't golf.  Why would he do any of this stuff?  I realize that as a heterosexual man he's extremely capable of some pretty stupid things but if even half these things are true, he's the male equivalent of a nymphomaniac. And to the media, we've heard enough--move along now, there's nothing more to hear about Tiger's mess.

3.  If you're one of those people who think Obama's health care plan is for you, go read this book.

4.  I read this and made one conclusion.  Bush's White House folks had way too much time on their hands.

5.  I'm not sure why but it sure doesn't seem like the Christmas season to me.

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1.  I caught the Robin Williams special on HBO last night.  My favorite bit was when he described the creation of the human sex organs.  It would have been funny in any form but he did it in the manner of a project manager presentation.  For anyone who have ever sit through one of those it was priceless.  And he had a pretty good idea about a law requiring Congress to wear their corporate and PAC sponsors on their suit jackets the way NASCAR drivers do. The guy is 58 years old and hasn't lost a step.  He's the best comedian since Richard Pryor in my book.

2.  I'm currently reading Too Big to Fail.  It's a big book but worth your time if you really want to know the inside scoop on the financial crisis.  It's a must read written in an mostly objective manner.  And it's truly amazing how little Wall Street really knew about what they were doing and how close we came to another Depression.

3.  Am I the only one thinking that Tiger Woods' desire for privacy is a little ironic?  Wouldn't one of the best ways to ensure that privacy is to not do exactly what he did?  As smart as he is I guess he didn't realize that the media loves to take you down as much as they love building you up.  Why give them a reason? 

4.  And speaking of reasons, I've been trying to find a reason to convince my wife I need an Amazon Kindle for Christmas.  I haven't found one.

5. I drove by the TVA Kingston plant, site of the massive coal ash spill, on my way to the Titans game in Nashville last week.  A few thoughts came to mind.  I wondered if all the coal ash has been removed and if so where was it moved to.  I wondered if the people in charge of that slurry pond were fired or disciplined.  And I wondered if I'll be alive when we find out what the real results of that spill were.

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1.  I'm not really a fan of Sarah Palin as a politician.  It is simply because I don't think she has enough qualifications or experience to run for high office.  But the more the media tries to crucify her the more I find myself liking her.  Not because she becomes qualified or experienced.  It's because the media, especially television, is like a shark seeing or smelling blood.  They attack people when they perceive weakness.  Anybody who fights back, like Sarah Palin does, drives them crazy.  That's why I like her. 

2.  I don't mind Obama bowing to others if it's the custom in the country he's visiting.  But I think he's overdoing it a bit.  When I was in Okinawa I got used to the Japanese custom of bowing.  For the Japanese it's just a slight motion.  That's what he should do.  Admittedly there's a fine line to walk for any President but one would think he would have some adviser around him that could tell him to back off just a little to prevent the wrong idea.  Apparently not.  But this whole bowing thing doesn't amount to much for me one way or the other.

3.  I was in my fifties before I realized that one person in management could ruin an entire company.  Most of the time it's simply due to arrogance.  It's still hard for me to believe that to this day but I know it's true.

4.  I might be wrong about this but isn't it likely that the same people who would be administering our government health care are the same ones who were administering the swine flu vaccine.  Isn't that the one that is late and in not enough supply?  I'm just saying.

5. The US Postal Service lost $3.8 billion last year.  According to this report, eliminating Saturday deliveries would save $3.5 billion.  This is a no-brainer.  Just do it.  I'm willing to accept whatever inconvenience that may cause me as a consumer, either as a sender or receiver.  

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1.  Marry any of the "real housewives" on television.

2.  Have anyone with the last name of Pelosi or Reid in charge of my health care.

3.  Find out that I was married to Rosie O'Donnell in my former life.

4.  Tell anyone that I'm having an argument with that I'll give them the last word.

5.  Win an award when Kanye West is in the audience.

6.  Become a guest on Oprah or Dr. Phil.

7.  Have plastic surgery anywhere other than my face.

8.  Receive a compliment from Michael Moore or Sean Penn. 

9.  Tweet.

10.  Become a greeter at Wal-Mart.   

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1.  In my lifetime I've voted for a Republican for President in every election except one.  I'm not telling you which one that I didn't.  I'm not telling about the Republicans either.  Some things are just too embarrassing to admit to.

2.  I admit when I'm wrong.  I found out early that being honest about your mistakes takes a lot less time and effort than denying it or hiding it.

3.  I've always had a secret desire to parachute out of a plane--which is probably not a good thing since I've always wanted to be a fighter pilot too.

4.  I have no artistic ability at all.

5.  One of my biggest regrets is not having learned a second language.  My choice would have been Spanish or Japanese. 

6.  My biggest pet peeve is that I hate being around anyone phony or dishonest.  I simply cannot tolerate a person like that and once I identify someone who is like that I avoid them.

7.  I don't particularly like chocolate but I will occasionally eat a Heath bar.  I love peanut butter though.

8.  I'm a damn good money manager.  I invest with only moderate risk but for the long run and I've changed my investments as I have aged.

9.  I've had a crush on Marie Osmond my entire life.  Of course I like Padma too.  It's the dark hair and dark eyes.  Gets me every time. 

10.  History fascinates me.  When I go to historical sites I get a surge of adrenaline when I think about the people and events that happened there.

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1.  If I needed more evidence of my growing old and not understanding anything I've found it again this week.  I simply do not understand how anyone can defend Roman Polanski.

2.  In the years I have remaining I would like to go to one meeting, just one, in which someone's cellphone did not ring.

3.  I watched Gaddaffi or Qaddaffi or whatever his name is on Larry King.  I was struck by both of their physical appearances.  If the camera would have shot Qaddaffi from the chest up with a cowboy hat on his head he would have looked like one of the bad guys in a Clint Eastwood western.  And Larry King looked like the Crypt-Keeper. 

4.  I remember when Saturn was hailed as the savior of GM.  Now it's dead.  I wonder what is going to save them now.  Oh, I forgot.  It's us.

5.  Michael Moore has a new movie out.  You can hold your applause.  Apparently the theme is the death of capitalism in this country.  Or perhaps it's all the bad things capitalism has done to our country.  Am I the only one that finds that a bit ironic?  Seriously, think about it.  He's apparently made a living for twenty years or more now in a capitalistic system.  And he looks like he's eating pretty well.  Duh.

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