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For those youngsters out there who have not reached this milestone, here's some random observations from one who has (and then some):

1. After a lifetime of having Presidents much older than me, it seems very strange that the last two are my age or younger.

2. I'm probably in better shape physically at 55 than I have ever been and that's because I work out--both cardio and weights three times a week. I may have been equally fit in Army basic training at age 23, but I don't think I was as strong, physically or mentally. I think physical exercise is critically important to good health and that includes mental health.

3. I've always been very impatient and it's my worst fault of many, but as I have aged that has started to moderate and because it has, I have tried harder to be more patient. I think I it's working. Being impatient hurts a person both personally and other ways.

4. I've learned over the years that the upbringing that I had as a child was really quite extraordinary, although I didn't realize it at the time. It amazes me now, with hindsight, just how skilled my parents were as raising chidren. My brother and sister concur in this. We were very, very fortunate to have such loving, caring and wise parents. Most of your how you live your adult life is formed during your early chidhood years--it's critical to a good and happy life.

5. I'm probably less than 10 years away from retirement from my full time job and while I find that to be a very good feeling, I anticipate working part time after I retire. However, that work will only be something that I truly enjoy and want to do on a regular basis. Work is one of two things that define a person. The other is family.

6. I've learned that things rarely are as bad as they seem and also that things are often much better than they seem. Both situations are only realized over time.

7. I didn't mature and become what I believe to be a real man until I had been drafted into the Army and spent 2 years in service. The Army matured me into a man. I would support mandatory military or cilvilian service for all able citizens, although it should not exceed more than 2 years.

8. Government provides some obviously essential services, such as national defense, laws, transportation systems, etc, but government is by definition inefficient. That is because it is not profit oriented. In business, if you don't control costs, you are out of business. Government does not have that motive and because it doesn't, it tends to tolerate, and even promote inefficiency and other bad management practices.

More later...

February 5, 2004 in Life | Permalink

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Very good advice & insight.

Posted by: david at Feb 15, 2004 3:05:38 AM

Hey Lewis - I just read this post "Life After Fifty" posted 2/5/04, from your "Best of Deliverance" and I was wondering if you ever finished it?

Posted by: Katherine at Dec 28, 2006 11:51:14 AM

The finish is stirring around somewhere in the recesses of my brain. Sooner or later I'll regurgitate. Most likely sooner.

Posted by: Lewis at Dec 28, 2006 5:34:56 PM

cool - look forward to it.
Happy New Year!

Posted by: Katherine at Dec 28, 2006 6:35:33 PM

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