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No--I'm not referring to the other Chuck Connors western TV show. Someone else must remember that show besides me, please?

I need to buy a couple of polo shirts and while thinking about that today, I realized that I have slowly but surely become brand conscious. And I'm a little bit ashamed to admit it, but it's on the "designer" side. I feel guility just talking about my clothes that way.

I am partial to Tommy Bahama polos, Enro dress shirts, Alan Lebow slacks, Ralph Lauren underwear and swim trunks, Burford socks, St. Croix sweaters and mock turtlenecks, Nautica shorts, Johnston and Murphy shoes, and ACICS running shoes. I used to love Tommy Hilfiger ties. Thank God I don't wear ties much anymore.

Holy Moly--I'm practically a walking advertisement for designer America! They have landed me hook, line, and sinker. I'll attempt to justify this by saying that I flat out do not wear something that isn't comfortable but I will also have to admit that I care about how my clothes look too.

I'm going to blame the start of this on my wife who as wives often do decided 20 years ago that she was going to dress me correctly. She's extremely selective and fastidious about her own clothes but her basic premise is that the more it costs the better it must be. That philosophy was carried over to her selections for me and now I suppose I am doing it myself.

All of this if from the same guy who in college wore the identical sweatshirt and sneakers every afternoon for four years. When the sweatshirt became a bit ragged I just wore it inside out. Back then, a once per year shopping trip to Penney's was a big deal and cause for financial concern.

I feel a bit silly about this. I'm really forking over a lot of money for what amounts to just having a label on my clothes. Not only that, but it's obvious that the marketing idiots that I despise have managed to do to me just what they set out to do. It's disgusting that I succumbed to someone that stupid. Hell, I must be pretty stupid myself to let that happen.

I'm going to bed now. Thank god I don't wear pajamas.

June 1, 2004 in Life | Permalink


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Welcome to America! ;)

Seriously, tho - the reason people will pay more for a "designer" is because it indicates a standard. You know that if you drip coffee on it the dye isn't going to vanish, you know its not going to fade after three wearings, the seams hold for the life of the garment, buttons stay on, and the fabric has an appealing hand.

If we didn't have designers we'd all be wearing Walmart specials that rip, fade and fall apart before you leave the parking lot. Not to mention that they're made of recycled carpets from Soviet discount shops. In 1989 I met three people from the former-Soviet Union and they were dressed in fabric that looked exactly like upholstery for a 1955 Ford sedan. It was AWFUL! God Bless Tommy Hilfiger!!!

Posted by: Liz at Jun 5, 2004 7:48:30 AM

O yeah - PS . . .

Chuck Conners rules!

Posted by: Liz at Jun 5, 2004 7:52:54 AM

Points well taken, Liz. I feel somewhat better.

Posted by: Deliverance at Jun 7, 2004 9:48:37 AM

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