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One of the very, very few advantages of growing older is an acceptance of what you cannot change.  At least for me it is. 

When I was younger I always thought that no matter what the situation, I could alter it to my liking or benefit.   I now know that thought came from youthful naivete.  You know how you unconsciously felt invincible when you're in your teens and twenties and even thirties?  Death was an abstract thought that I really couldn't fathom at those ages.  Friends died and I would think that's not going to happen to me.  People older than me died and I couldn't place myself in their shoes since I was so much younger.

I thought that bad things, and certainly things not as severe as death, happened to other people but not to me.  I thought I was an exception.  But I wasn't.  I was just naive.  By the time I reached my mid twenties Father Time had slowly but surely applied his grip to me and bad things had started to happen.  And I couldn't alter the situation to my benefit.  It was a painful process and hard to accept.  In fact I didn't accept it and I created anguish because of it.  I didn't think life was supposed to be as hard as it was.  But I was wrong.  I just didn't know that at the time so I suffered.

Sometimes it takes a long time for me to learn things but I eventually grew wiser through those experiences.  I learned that life wasn't fair and that it was often painful.  And sometimes very painful.  And more importantly I learned that many times there just simply wasn't anything I could do about it except to deal with it.  That was the hardest lesson of all.  Even today I sometimes catch myself thinking that I can fix something that I really can't.

I sometimes wonder why life can be so tough and so difficult.  I don't know the answer.  Maybe it goes back to Adam and Eve.  Maybe it's all by design.  Maybe it is spiritually based to bring all of us to a revelation. 

I do know this.  As difficult as it is you must accept what you cannot change.  There's no other way for peace of mind.

August 26, 2005 in Life | Permalink


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I was thinking along these same lines last night. I also didn't come up with an answer.

My life has been tough, hard, even cruel sometimes. I've watched other people break under much less stress and I wonder about that too.

I do know personal choices have something to do with it all but I haven't figured that out either.

Well at least we're alive and well and able to ponder it all anyways.

Thoughtful post, made me think.

Posted by: BeeBee at Aug 27, 2005 7:14:56 AM

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