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This is great news. 

I await the latest Robicheaux books like a child waiting on Christmas.  51oltx4z7l_ss500_It's a little bit of bad timing for me though.  The book is coming out in July and I leave for Hilton Head and vacation week after next.  I usually read the latest book while on vacation.  It's a habit of mine--so much so that I've actually held a new book for months before reading it because I like to read James Lee Burke when the routine of daily life isn't interfering.   Unless I take another trip later in the year I guess I'll have to break that habit this time.

For any other JLB fans out there the movie of In the Electric Mist is due out in late fall or perhaps early Spring of 2009.  I think the casting in that movie is great with Tommy Lee Jones as Dave.  One of my favorite new actresses Kelly MacDonald, also from No Country for Old Men, is in it too.  Sadly there's no Clete Purcel in the book so I won't get to see him visually on the screen.  I always had NIck Nolte in mind to play him.  Although I can't see him in a porkpie hat he's got the edginess needed to play that role.  Clete is just a hair away from being as good a character as Dave.  A noble mon.  Indeed.

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I, too, devour the Robicheaux series and had no idea there was an upcoming movie. Great news! I thoroughly enjoyed Heavens Prisoners with Alec Baldwin and don't know why such good material hasn't piqued Hollywood's fancy long before this. I personally have always pictured John Goodman as Cletus. I'm glad to hear the news and will now go back and reread the book in preparation!

Posted by: Nancy Krieg at Jun 23, 2008 4:52:31 PM

OMG! I also see Nick Nolte as Clete Purcel too. YES. John Goodman would be good also but the arrest photo of Nolte in the Hawaiian shirt, yup that is Cletus! The new book Swan Peak is fantastic! James Lee does it again as usual!

Posted by: roni at Jul 12, 2008 11:10:26 AM

Wow. The night before the book release I wrote to the JLB site that I felt like it was Christmas eve! YOU TOO!!!!! Another person also said this at Amazon. Here is my review, 10 stars if I could give it.

Where to begin to review a magnificent literary achievement. How about his perception of America is dead on. I am trying to read this slowly as he is our favorite writer. I have 80 pages to go and I am milking it, rereading passages and pages. I stand in awe of James Lee Burke's power of prose and how the intersection of characters create their fate, as one of his characters, Candace says. I feel like I have grown a more compassionate heart with each Burke book. It is amazing how a reader such as myself, may deem a character despicable, only to find compassion for them later in his books. He always encompasses the scale of good and evil. The truly good, the truly evil and those caught in between due to life and the events thrown at them. As always, the power of forgiveness runs as a red thread throughout his books. His characters and plot in this book are complex and how he manages to juggle all successfully, is beyond me. That is what makes him a great writer. His words always hit the bone.
After I finish, I am rereading "Tin Roof Blowdown" as I can't let go of his writing just yet. Every year, I reread a Burke book after finishing the new one. On the eve of this release, it felt like Christmas eve, waiting in anticipation of a new Burke book. James Lee Burke is a national treasure of our country and I feel blessed to have him in our life. I love reading his philosophy of life in every book which is always spot on. His books are the true barometer of our country's health or dysfunction and it's people, our environment and our politics.

I want to add that James Lee Burke is a man of faith. As Christ redeemed us through love, I love it when his characters become redeemed through love. As above, so below. Love and forgiveness, ever present threads in his books.

Posted by: roni at Jul 12, 2008 11:16:15 AM

I want to put in my two cents for John Goodman as Cletus, Especially in light of his performance in the Treme series...

Posted by: Leroy Rodriguez at May 18, 2010 1:30:38 AM

How about Gary Busey as Clete???

Posted by: Kay Melton at Jul 13, 2011 9:29:56 PM

I like Dave Robicheaux Series cause it reminds me of my growing up in Louisiana. I think Robert de Niro would make a good Dave Robicheaux and I to can see Nick Nolte as Clete Purcel,O yea that's him alright with that mug shot and Hawaiin shirt, yea thats him alright couldn't ask for a better person then Mr. Nolte. I wish they make alot more movies of the Dave Robicheaux series.

Posted by: john robinson at Feb 11, 2012 12:13:14 PM

Will Patton, who does the voice for the audio books, would be a great Dave... he has the acting chops and knows the character better than anyone accept JLB.

Posted by: daniel at Aug 2, 2012 2:23:59 PM

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