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Yeah, it's been quite awhile since I've posted.  I've wanted to but simply didn't have the time, mostly work-related issues.  Sometimes one has to take on the Big Blue Ball and when you do it takes time and a lot of energy, in this case four weeks of my time.  Worked out good in the end though.  Enough said.

You knew I wasn't going to let this go by with commenting. God bless Greg Smith.  He refused to drink Goldman's kool-aid any longer.  It's a big deal for someone to resign their job based on principle and even bigger to do it from as big a name as GS and as public as he has.  He has written so eloquently about what I have known was a cancer in American business and tried to say in this blog for a very long time.  He says it much better than I ever did.  I dare say he will be blackballed from any major American company from this moment on.  

I want to emphasize that Goldman Sachs is only an example of the malaise that not only affects American business but affects this country as a whole.  Simply put we put personal wealth over everything else.  Love thy neighbor?  Only if he is generating profits for us.  We have lost our values and our sense of purpose.

We didn't get to this point overnight and it will similarly take a long time to get out of this mess. But it has to happen. Businesses and people can make money, even lots of money, without losing their integrity.  They just have to focus on the integrity part first. Doing things the right way with respect for your customers and others isn't always easy and it doesn't necessarily equate to financial success. But it can be done that way because we did exactly that for many years.  It has only been in the last twenty to thirty years that greed has overtaken the respect of customers and our fellow man.

I have to say it again.  God bless Greg Smith.  

He's an American hero. 

March 23, 2012 in Business | Permalink


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Excellent as usual, Lewis. I'm going to have to cross-post.... it'll get me off the topic of Scott Walker for awhile. Thank you.

Posted by: Pete (Alois) at Apr 10, 2012 2:17:42 PM

Dude... it's been two months. Ain't ye comin' back???

Posted by: Pete (Alois) at Jun 20, 2012 10:24:44 PM

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