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The Medlocks are heading to our annual trip to Hilton Head next week.  It's one of a handful of times each year that I really look forward to mostly doing nothing.

It's special for me when I go there. I can slow down.  My natual impatience gets dramatically reduced. And each day is pretty close to my vision of a perfect day.  

I like to get up early--usually as the sun is coming up or shortly after daylight. Then I head to the beach for a brisk walk of about an hour.  I like only hearing the natural sounds of the ocean waves breaking and the gulls calling. Sometimes there is enough of a morning fog that the sun is filtered leaving the sea and the beach in a monochrome gray.  I like that view a lot.  

I do a lot of thinking during my walk.  It seems to clear my head.  When I get back I'll dry off and cool down for a half-hour or so.  Then I'll have a light breakfast and a strong coffee.  Then Mrs. Medlock and I head to the pool or beach and we'll spend the rest of the morning reading and people watching and even an occasional nap.  I like to bring the newest James Lee Burke book to Hilton Head.  Often I'll buy it and leave it unread until I get to the island.

After lunch we may go back to the beach or head out shopping or sight-seeing.  During that time out we'll plan where we're having our evening meal, maybe going there while we are still out if it is late enough. We like to discover new local restaurants and revisit our favorites. Then back to the condo, more reading and sometimes we will do a late evening stroll on the beach or just sit on the balcony reading or listening.  

Some mornings I don't walk.  Instead I'll rise early again and just sit on the balcony looking at and listening to the sounds of the sea and thinking.  

It's a healing trip, a quiet time and almost reverent.  I'm drawn to the peace of nature when I'm there.

It doesn't get much better than that.

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